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Pastor Judith
Central Ohio Church
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Spiritual Retreats


Connecting With the Holy Spirit

For information on upcoming retreats call: 1-614-470-3900 or e-mail to pastorjudith@rr.com

Find out how you can follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and how to bring back the riches that you will gain.  You already have this power.  Let Judith show you that you can be touched by the Holy Spirit, so that you can discover your future.  It could involve your career, your relationships, relocation, health, or a person close to you!  Instead of worrying, you “see” and “hear” the correct answer.  You will know exactly how to proceed, precisely what to do.  You choose your new life: meanwhile, time is going, going, gone.

Learn by surrendering to the Holy Spirit, making difficult choices and releasing significant parts of your life to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, in order to live a more natural and empowered life.

There's a Sanctuary Inside You

Inner Peace Through Inner Knowledge & Wisdom

This is a unique opportunity for you individually to navigate the tides of change.  You will be the pilgrim of your identity, and see the turning points in the search for your new life, connecting with the Holy Spirit to guide you.

It takes courage to be free.  This will be a place to stand for your wondrous transformation.


You will view the world through new eyes, connected to a healthier body, a clearer, closer relationship with the Holy Spirit, and a larger sense of compassion.  The sense of freedom is immense.

I invite you to step outside the existing framework of your life, to join the fullness of the Holy Spirit from within that will bring you peace, joy, and laughter.

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